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we felt long already ago that , a bathroom is , be important room most indoor ... , the life in an apartment on the skyscraper nowadays , type condominium , take , or , roundness , you might are finished the right decorates a living room , kitchen , or , even a bedroom , because , must compress everything goes inside the area that limits become a room A a bird purposes , but , certainly , do not total up a bathroom ... , because , a bathroom receives the privilege in separation comes out mately the part most , , with something at a bathroom is likely indoor self-confident or , in all room , just this , a bathroom then not just support base requirement of the human , but , still have improve to a den , when sit ease , we have sure that , will get stay with the feeling of oneself alone , majority people then strict decorate a bathroom are attractive for sit , oneself sits comfortable then , want the other sits comfortable with , or , someone so as , make it is livable then , live stay in a bathroom has time to vacate many hour , someone so as , commit the importance gives with a bathroom most indoor , thus , bathroom decoration then refect the taste of the house-owner , ( , someone ) , well , designing bathroom is noing limit only layying equipment that has to listen the usability , but , still mean inventory filtration , color , light arrangement , the usability of the equipment that considers body science pillar , and the safety , thus at hand farm or , good bamboo fish horn trap , then must omniscient more than about [ story ] of divisibility in the arrangement lays , the tile that use must pretty safe with with , a color that use to rub the wall is not bright only but , must durable the moistness , the sanitary ware should is like [ model ] , the seat long already ago comfortable , but , if , will give good must economize the water as well , a position of the washbasin should is in the level that suits the user , the cabinet picks of in a bathroom , must use durable inventory for may the useful life long most , , the equipment again as is significant don't be defeated other part , be , faucet , but , amount many persons get back to give precedence are rear rank , after , choose the tile , choose Alas! the sanitary ware , or , the furniture is other , finished already , then make seem every the part in a bathroom is compatible good like , if , stare change the faucet goes tothe thing that us must consider in faucet filtration unless , choose like [ model ] , that be usable skillful already , still must choose like [ model ] to give suit the style and a color of a bathroom with , an element is other , as a result , such as , , want to open usable both of the hot water - , cold water , or , be pregnant indoor ? , because , if , be pregnant indoor , must enhance the carefulness too much go up , the faucet is hot , the cold water that have no the system controls good temperature , might make the hot water scalds child hand while , open can be usable , but , now the faucet all right have the development in about [ story ] of all system , type faucet of , Grohe , systematically , Thermostat , which , be automatic system in temperature supervision of the water just rightly when have openning is usable , or , when , the cold water was pulled go to is usable in other part , of a house , besides , , still compose ceramic valve , which , regard mechanical of openning system - , close best water